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About the Artist

Deena WarnerDeena Warner has displayed her artwork at conventions and galleries around the country. At the Bram Stoker Awards Weekend in 2011, she was the artist guest of honor. She is the founder of Deena Warner Design LLC, a graphic design and website design company.

Deena graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in illustration. She has been employed as a graphic designer, newspaper editor, and proofreader. She currently lives in Staunton, Virginia, with her husband, Matthew Warner, sons Owen and Thomas, and three loving felines.


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"Deena Warner is a supremely talented artist who is also able to transfer her aesthetic vision to website design — a rare talent, indeed. . . . Deena always manages to connect with her subject's soul. Her paintings and illustrations always catch the eye and challenge, demanding a response."
W.D. Gagliani, author of Wolf's Trap

"Deena Warner is probably the most pleasant, professional, responsible, and responsive person I've worked with — as artist or web site designer. In addition to her obvious talent, she often goes above and beyond the call of duty. It's always a huge pleasure working with her."
— Paul Miller, Earthling Publications

"Deena Warner's talent is only exceeded by her high level of customer focus. . . . I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as she is simply the best!"
— Nanci Kalanta, Horror World

"Deena Warner's art is both haunting and captivating, with rich colors that attract and enchant the eye. She brings this amazing sense of color, style and design in her creation of websites. . . . Deena is simply amazing."
— Alice Henderson, author of Night Terrors

"Deena, Deena, Deena ... 'She's so talented, and nice, and smart, and ... ' blah, blah, blah. Seriously, don't you get sick of hearing that stuff all the time? Even if it is true?"
— m. j. euringer, author of The Jaws of Adana



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