Deena Warner

2012: I'd like to thank Nicole Cushing for the story to accompany this card!

Halloween Card 2012

"The Fanboys"

by Nicole Cushing

“It all started when my son—what's that?—yes, Officer, the one you call 'the victim' . . . it all started when he wanted to dress up as Cthulhu for Halloween.

“That's spelled C-T-H-U-L-H-U. You never heard of it? Anyway, he did the best he could to cobble together a costume. He took an old Godzilla mask and stapled green pipe cleaners onto it to look like tentacles. He had crude wings made out of coat hangers and pillow cases. Yes, I understand that's what he was wearing at the time of death. Yes, I understand that's strange, since today's only the 26th.

“Look, the kid was all into Lovecraft, just like I am. We're big fans! He put on his outfit each day after school. Then he started hanging out by that tree in the backyard. Two days ago, I found a dismembered turtle back there. Yesterday, I found a mutilated kitten.

“I had to put an end to it. I know this sounds crazy, but did you ever notice how on an autumn day the wind can sound like a voice? Like a premonition? It was whispering to me: 'Stop him, or you'll be next!'. When I went out there, I saw two glowing triangles carved in the tree. He told me: 'This one's for the turtle, and this one's for the cat'. Then there was a third glowing triangle that wasn't yet done—just two sides carved. 'This one—it's for you'. Then he showed me the knife.

“So it was self-defense, Officer. As the wind whispered its final urgent plea, the behemoth began to stir. I had to stop the ritual! You see, he was raising a Great Old One. I had no choice!”


Nicole Cushing loves Cthulhu and fanboys (just not enough to kill for them). She lives with her husband in Southern Indiana.