Deena Warner

2016: A big thanks to Monica J. O'Rourke for the story to accompany this card!

Halloween Card 2016

"But I want more red ones! Red ones! Red!!!"

“The red ones are gone!”

“Noooo!” the pitiful creature wailed. He wanted to throw a tantrum, but the candy and discarded wrappers were in his way.

“Be quiet!” the boy demanded, afraid someone would discover the little creature. After all, no one else in the neighborhood had a way to get rid of candy corns and Jujubes! Blech!

“Why do you want the red ones? You only eat the black licorice candy.”

“Red ones . . . so preeeeetty,” the little monster crooned, stroking a long claw-nail along the edge of a brown Tootsie Pop.

The boy pointed. “Have a purple one.”

The creature snarled and waved a paw, nicking the edge of the boy’s hand. Drops of blood dripped into the plastic jack-o-lantern holding the Halloween booty.

The creature hopped up and down on its long spirally tail. “More red ones!”

“Quiet!” the boy snapped. He frowned when he looked down at the monster. But the little creature was great company on spooky Halloween . . . a night filled with demons and terror and creepy-crawly icky things—and stupid black licorice candy!

“Hey,” the boy said, stopping a ghost-child passing by. “Have some of my candy!”

The greedy kid stuffed his hand in the plastic pumpkin. “Ouch!” he yelled, sticking his finger in his mouth. “Something bit me!”

“That’s silly,” the boy said, grinning happily, tucking the creature into his basket, skipping down the street to the next house.

The creature curled up happily and sucked on the blood-coated lollipop.